Dealership Opportunities



We have met a lot of dealers through the years and have found that most of them are real short of time. Therefore we are not going to waste your time with a bunch of "fluff" about who we know and what we have done for whomever. We can provide you with all the references you want!


SELLERS: If you are thinking of selling your dealership, we will do our best to assist you in preparing your dealership for sale at the best price it will sell for. It is a tremendous waste of your time to try and sell a dealership for a ridiculously high price and we will not insult your intelligence by suggesting we are some type of magicians with a long list of uninformed buyers that are willing to pay ANY PRICE just to own a dealership.

The fact is that we pre-screen our potential buyers and they are good business people and good car people that can buy and be approved by the manufacturer.

BUYERS: We believe the only reason for buying a dealership is to make money. Whether you are interested in something we currently have listed for sale or you want to retain our services to find you a specific dealership, we will provide you with a computerized pro-forma based on national averages and then you decide for yourself.

OUR PROMISE is to work hard, be totally honest and be a nice Southern Gentleman that Gary Minchew has a reputation for being. Like most businesses, ours has some basics that we persistently work at.

Call us at (800) 247-8549 -- you will enjoy the conversation!


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