Dealership Opportunities


 Let's face it: PRICING IS IMPORTANT whether you are selling an automobile, a dealership or a hamburger. Granted, people wil pay more for a deluxe burger than a junior burger. Both have to be priced according to value received and there are buyers for each.

 One of the most damaging situations to selling a dealership is to offer it for sale at a price that is beyond reason and common sense. Today, there are still many more buyers than sellers. However, the publicly held corporations are not buying dealerships like they were a few years ago and this has some effect on what buyers will pay especially if it is less than a mega dealership in a metro market.

 What we can do for you as a seller is to evaluate your dealership and make suggestions that will improve the marketability of your dealership. Additionally, we have developed a software program that will evaluate your dealership on new vehicle registrations in your area coupled with national averages for gross profit, parts and service sales, etc.

 Then we look for a desired return on investment and arrive at a total sales price whether it is real estate, blue sky, fixed assets or whatever. This takes a lot of the guess work and heavy negotiations out of the sales price. Granted, the dealership will still sell for whatever the buyer and seller agree on. Our program just helps arrive at that price easier.

 Call and let us show how we can assist you.


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